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Camp Memories - Youth Camps
This exhibit at the Goodsell Museum was on display from December 7, 2008 through October 31, 2009.
A comprehensive roster of the Camps by Location are listed below!

Herkimer YMCA Camp
Photo from "Old Forge - Gateway to the Adirondacks" courtesy of Charlie Kiefer

Thousands of children packed steamer trunks, packbaskets, suitcases or duffle bags and came to more than four-dozen unique summer camps in our region during the past century. The Town of Webb Historical Association's exhibit paid tribute to the founders, employees, and youngsters who enriched their lives with lifelong friendships, strengthened their physical and mental well-being, and created an enduring appreciation for the Adirondacks during their summer vacations. Through treasured mementos, artifacts, and photographs, the exhibit highlights the recreational activities the campers enjoyed along our lakeshores, riverbanks, and woodlands in our Township and neighboring communities from Woodgate to Raquette Lake.

Woodcraft Camp
Photo from "Old Forge - Gateway to the Adirondacks" courtesy of "Doc" Jones

We are always happy to hear from Camp Alumni and acquire many more personal stories and photographs. Contact the Historical Assoc.'s Director if you have memories to share.

List of Children's Camps by Location

Big Moose Lake Big Moose Boy Scout Pioneer Camp
Cascade Lake

Camp Cascade - Longstaff

Dart's Lake

Dart’s Camp - Longstaff

Dart’s Camp for Girls

Camp Gorham

Eagle Bay Eagle Bay Eagle Bay Ballet Camp
Fourth Lake

Camp Assissium (formerly "Our Lady of the Woods" - also see Nazareth)

Cedar Island Camps

Ten Rab (later Raquette Lake Boys/Girls Camps)

Camp Outlet (burned down)

Camp Cedar Isle – Longstaff

Camp Eagle Cove – Longstaff

Camp Lo-Na-Wo – (pre-Longstaff)

Camp Mark Seven

Camp Swastika & Kee-Yo-No

Camp Deerhurst (Inlet)


Herkimer County YMCA Camp

Old Forge Boy Scout Camp

The Birches

Lake Kan-ac-to

Adirondack Woodcraft Camp

Moss Lake

Moss Lake Camp – Longstaff

Third Lake Harbor Hill / Camp Deborah / Pine Cone
Okara Lakes region

Nun-Da-Sah (Onekio RR Stop) on the Moose River

Camp Caravan, Inc., Camp Spruce Ridge, & House of Good Shepherd
at Wheeler Pond

Otter Lake NY State Music Camp
Rondaxe Lake

Camp Rondaxe Lake

Walden Youth Camp (music camp)

Schimmel’s Summerland

Seventh Lake Onondaga Boy Scouts & Fayetteville Boy Scouts
Raquette Lake

Beaver Catholic Boys Camp

Camp Bullowa (Camp Uncas on Mohegan Lake)

Camp Collier

Camp Corcoran

Camp Eagle Feather

Camp Greylock

Camp Raquette (Tioga Point) (Boys Conservation Camp)

Camp Scenic

Deerhurst Boys School (moved to Inlet)

Echo Camp

Lynx Camp

Raquette Lake Boys’ & Girls Camp

Thatcher Outpost Camp

Woodgate-Little Long Lake

Camp Nazareth (formerly Assissium on Fourth Lake)

Camp Argonne

Camp Oneida

Round Lake

Camp Turk (Masonic Lodge)

White Lake

Camp Russell Boy Scouts

White Lake Camp / Holiday House Girls Friendly


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