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Riverview Cemetery - Old Forge

Section 4aa

Surveyed by Marge Bonnett, volunteer

Data entered by Peg Masters, July 2000

Section 4aa    
VanAuken Harold K. 1896-1952
VanAuken Beulah A. Vincent, his wife 1894-1990
VanAuken Charles H. 1865-1944
VanAuken Cecile Maurer, his wife 1868-1985
VanAuken Charles Wayland 1907-1989
Lindsay, M.D. Robert S. 1861-1938
Lindsay C. Ella Pearce, his wife 1860-1949
Lindsay Walter P. 1888-1957
Leaf Ada Petit Lindsay d. 1984
Lindsay, M. D. Robert N. 1892-1975
Lindsay Gertrude E. Vaeth, his wife 1898-1988
Abbott Edmund F.  
Abbott Lucy Traffarn, his wife  
Brown G. Harry d. Aug 2, 1962
Brown Luella Abbott d. Oct 12, 1973
Abbott Harold J. d. Apr 30, 1942
Luther J. Dean d. Aug 10, 1942
Luther Hilda Bonz, his wife d. May 17, 1991
Zahn John Wilfred 1913-1971
Zahn John Russell 1939-1959
Zahn Geraldine Russell 1915-1994
Russell Donald R. 1921-
Russell Janice Egan, wife 1926-1972
Taylor Robert D. 1952-1984
Taylor Marion B. 1913-1996
Taylor Mervyn C. 1908-1993
Taylor Jeffrey A. 1948-
Russell Eugene M. 1941-
Russell Virginia Tiffany, his wife 1944-1979
Villiere Reginald D. 1898-1975
Villiere Agnes M. 1897-1981
Burke Ray S. 1904-1968
Burke Scott R., son 1947-1986
Russell Beulah Monks, wife 1911-1997
Russell Robert W. 1909-1967
Russell Charles, father 1912-1969
Russell Mary, mother 1917-
Russell Chris Paul, son 1954-1969
Kokernot Leo G. 1917-1972
Kokernot Beulah VanAuken 1920-
Kokernot James W. Olney 1925-
Patrick-Ashworth O. James, husband 1906-1971
Patrick-Ashworth Lucille VanAuken, wife 1898-1979
Patrick-Ashworth Harvey E. 1903-1938
Mac Feggan G. Gary 1883-1972
Mac Feggan Romaine Staves, his wife 1899-1988
Dupell Violet Staves 1895-1952
Miller Arthur W. 1882-1946
Miller Arthur W. Jr. 1916-1972
Parry Robert L. 1920-1983
Parry Romayne M. 1918-1995
Ball William S. 1895-1981
Ball Noreen M. 1902-1960
Russell Robert R. "Pete" 1936-1991
Russell June L. Gregory 1939-
Ball William S. Jr. 1938-1991
Ball Gail Breakey, his wife 1945-
Beauchamp Lois S. 1910-1986
Beauchamp Leon J. 1913-1969
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