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Section 4c

Surveyed by Marge Bonnett, volunteer

Data entered by Peg Masters, July 2000

Section 4c    
Grenon Joseph E. 1883-1931
Grenon Aurora A. 1893-1961
Neiss Joseph Grenon d. 1941
Kelly Doris G. 1916-1983
Wells Mary Pat 1923-1929
Rivet Rose U. 1918
Rivet Wm. Floyd 1909-1972
Rivet Margaret B. 1872-1959
Rivet Peter 1864-1959
Rivet Frances Kennedy 1892-1923
Burnett Edna Rivet 1894-1996
Burnett John J. 1894 - 1965
Rivett Joseph 1897-1973
Rivett Arvilla 1911-1992
Rivett James R. 1901-1988
Rivett Gladys M. 1902-1980
Wood B. J. 1873-1957
Wood Anne Klefe his wife 1876-1945
Meneilly William H. 1912-1981
Meneilly Harry B. 1908-1933
Millar David L. 1933-1934
Joslin Chester A. 1898 - 1941
Joslin Ann Parkinson his wife 1897 - 1997
Hoffman John Kenneth 1907-1981
Hoffman Ann Connell his wife 1905-1992
Wakely Emma Jane 1857-1947
Hoffman John K. 1907-1981
Codling William T., son, husband of Elizabeth Becker 1896-1975
Codling David W., father 1862-1945
Codling Susie T., mother 1863-1933
Howe F. Clinton 1887-1977
Howe Ethel Codling, his wife 1888-1979
MacDonald William 1918-1933
MacDonald Janet P. 1922-1980
MacDonald Jeanie 1948-1948
MacDonald John W. 1951-1951
MacDonald Susan 1956-1956
Bartelotte Lucille M. 1923-1928
Bartelotte Robert D. 1925-1942
Delmarsh Eri S. 1880-1957
Delmarsh Bertha Dekin, his wife 1885-1933
Delmarsh Guy L. 1912-1969
Delmarsh Agatha Drake, his wife 1909-1989
Delmarsh Archibald George 1870-1948
Delmarsh Laura Marie Kirch 1878-1934
Delmarsh Katherine Grace 1867-1944
Delmarsh Harry 1942-1993
Delmarsh Norma 1911-1999
Puffer Charles W. 1869-1944
Puffer Anne Williams, his wife 1870-1951
Puffer Floyd A. "my pal" 1894-1947
Williams "Chas" 1862-1945
Williams Margaret Donovan, his wife 1863-1932
Williams Margaret 1912-1934
Williams Fred 1887-1979
Williams Mary Breen, his wife 1885-1948
Weedmark Harry W. 1879-1964
Weedmark Mary Ellen McDougall, his wife 1877-1946
Weedmark Archie W. 1867-1960
Tuttle Orley C. 1876-1943
Tuttle Lottie Roderick, his wife 1878-1936
Tuttle O. Elton 1910-1937
Atkinson Mae 1889-1965
Berry Jr. Ernest  
Smith J. Perry 1914-1972
Smith Elizabeth, his wife 1916-1973
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