Riverview Cemetery - Old Forge

Section 4e

Surveyed by Marge Bonnett, volunteer

Data entered by Peg Masters, July 2000

Section 4e    
Norman Josephine B. 1916-2000
Hansen Robert L. 1924-2000
Widman David E. Jr. "Ed" 1941-
Widman Joanne M. Freiberger 1944-
Widman David E. III 1972-1998
Nahor John D. 1925-
Nahor Kathleen "Lena" Boyle 1935-
Nahor Thomas P. 1961-1999
McGinness Joseph Jr. 1937-1995
Mackey James W. 1933-1995
Scanlon Ann Brockway, mother 1930-1999
Taylor John J. 1925-1996
Taylor Jeanne 1929-
Humphrey Clifford W. 1907-
Humphrey Kathryn V. 1912-1996
Van der Veer Edgar A. 1932-
Van der Veer Marie R. 1938-2000
Schwamle Jeanne Tetrault 1946-1998
Schwamle Norman R. 1938-
Hart Richard Austin 1929-
Hart Barbara Young 1934
Young Amy Allan, mother 1906-1996
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